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Target gb-x

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Item Description

The bacteria in your gut outnumber the cells in your body. The interaction is these little squigglys with you play a huge part in general expression, immune function and even mood. Recent research in this field has come so far!! Scientists have been able to begin to map the roles of different strains of beneficial bacteria..... Oh yeah, there's bad strains too ???? If you don't have enough of the good guys, the bad guys will win, too.

Target gb-x boasts nine different strains that research shows play a role in mood and anxiety. It's like putting 5 billion whistling soldiers down the shoot daily ???? PLUS, with new technology this probiotic blend does NOT have to be refrigerated to maintain shelf stability. It comes in cute little sachets you can throw in your purse in case you forget or take on vacation.

Who should use this one? Probiotics, especially high quality ones that are third party tested and made in a medical facility (like ours) are safe. This blend is specifically good for someone that struggles with depression or anxiety. Its also convenient for anyone who travels and can't deal with the refrigeration aspect.